Jean-Michel Pilc's Improv Workshop Project invites Meg Okura & Sam Newsome as Special Guests

"Were you improvising or reading?" is a question I get often from a stranger who had just witnessed my violin playing in a non-concert, or non-jazz situation, often a religious service or an event. Though my passion is and always will be jazz, a part of being a good jazz musician allows me to be a composer & arranger on the spot, creating lines and providing harmonies that will enhance the music, thus helping create a mood, elevate the atmosphere of the room, or even manipulate emotions of people.

This week, I am absolutely thrilled to be invited as a guest to be a part of the Improv Workshop Project at McGill University, led by renown jazz pianist and award-winning composer Jean-Michel Pilc. (Many of you would remember him from our album that was released last spring, NPO Trio Live at the Stone.) This will be a rare opportunity for me to let myself express myself through music by letting myself go freely. The result is completely unknown and unpredictable. And if you live in Montreal, you will get to witness this live in a concert.

Februray 23, 2019

Tanna Schulich Hall

McGill University

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