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"Achingly beautiful" (The EAR) album LINGERING to drop on May 10th from Adhyâropa Records

“sincere awe-inspiring…ecstatic glory”

- Elliott Simon, The New York City Jazz Record


“Achingly beautiful...the performance is superb.”

- Reuben Klein, The Ear


“one of the premier violinists, jazz or otherwise, of our time."

- Jim McNeely, jazz composer and pianist


“one never misses the bass or drums during these fascinating encounters”

- Scott Yanow, jazz journalist/historian



I met Kevin Hays ten years ago on the MTA bus. We discovered that we were neighbors in Harlem. Whenever I play with Kevin, he grounds me in a gentler, earthier realm, as his aesthetic is deeply rooted in traditions, extending from post-bop to Americana, and reaching farther back to the works of J.S. Bach. When playing so freely as a duo, even on written pieces, my perfect pitch becomes a lifeline, catching every chord while my instincts anticipate his next move. When I go into the Bach-like counterpoint, Kevin catches me within two beats and starts creating his counter melody. Kevin knows how to trust his duo partners and, more importantly, his own adeptness in creating “music” no matter what happens during a tune or lack thereof. 


I want to invite you to this musical adventure - You can now listen to the first track of our album  “Lingering” (or download instantly by pre-ordering the album) as well as the “Again and Again” the second single on Bandcamp page


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