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Meg Okura & Kevin Hays Duo Selected for the Jazz Road Tours Grant

South Arts had just announced the winners of the most recent Jazz Road Tours grant. Kevin Hays & Meg Okura Duo will tour the states of Hawaii & Ohio.

Leading a large jazz ensemble has been an incredible adventure, yet there were moments when it felt like shouldering a beautiful burden. In my pursuit of a more intimate and liberating musical experience and possible opportunities, I'm going to embark on a new journey of a duo. This isn't merely a "scaled-down" version of my Pan Asian Chamber Jazz Ensemble. No, this duo embodies a world of imagination, freedom, and improvisation, all woven intricately with our original materials as well as exploration of jazz standards and other melodies... We are excited to meet people of Maui, Oahu, and Cleveland Ohio. Thanks to Bryant Neal of the Jazz Maui for the tour of Maui, and to South Arts for granting us the incredible opportunity of Jazz Road Tours.  The application process was undeniably grueling, challenging me in ways I hadn't anticipated. But the honor and the chance to share our music with a broader audience make every hurdle worthwhile.


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