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Admit it: you hate avant-garde jazz

Here are three reasons why you should check out NPO TRIO LIVE AT THE STONE today! Reason #1 Because you hate avant-garde jazz.

You will like THIS album.- New music that sounds like the classic, improvised music that sound composed, and old melodies made fresh! You will feel invigorated and inspired. Reason #2 So you have a go-to "small talk" at your next function and be the most cosmopolitan and sophisticated person in the room. "Have you heard the new 'NPO Trio Live At The Stone' album yet?" Reason #3 Because you are our friend after all (or else you wouldn't be on my VIP list here!).

So check it out!

Apple Music, iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, whatever you opt for!

Available today! Be one of the firsts to download!

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