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Please Do NOT buy the New CD!

Okay. There is nothing wrong with the CD. In fact, the CD is doing amazingly well for avant-garde jazz. However, you should not buy our new CD because you can check them out for free on these various sites. Don't get me wrong. We love everyone who has already purchased our new CD, NPO TRIO LIVE AT THE STONE. Thank you so much for your support! Without people like you, we will not be publishing CDs anymore. And we will be ever more grateful if you purchase the CD after reading this post!

However, in 2018, there are so many different ways to listen to music, and our personal favorites are Spotify and Apple Music. And I know many artists love Bandcamp. (I am new to Bandcamp. So I am still figuring things out myself.)

What is your favorite site? Please share in the comment section below.

Here are some of the links that I can think of the top of my head. But I know there are many more besides these companies because there are so many tens of cents I receive from different sites! Many of these offer our music free of charge to you, but they do pay a tiny amount to the artists. It will just take me a very long time for me to become a millionaire from these sites!

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